Seed Gardens

SEED GARDENS  – –  Kisumu & surrounding area – – providing help to the most vulnerable.

The Seed Gardens began when one of our board members felt a calling to start a project that not only helped the most vulnerable but was self-sustaining. A friend in Kenya who is trained and experienced in agriculture was asked to spearhead the project. By visiting various churches and the local chiefs Isaya identified 8 senior ladies who could most benefit from his skills and a garden. Covering considerable distances, Isaya has regularly traveled to each lady, beginning with visits to get acquainted, then digging, fencing, preparing each garden and educating them in best practices. There is always crop ready to harvest, some going to seed and some growing. They have truly taken charge. A few have even expanded their gardens for extra food to sell. SOCKS is so grateful to Isaya who has committed his heart, time, knowledge and strength to these gardens and ladies. SOCKS is now in the process of providing water tanks since many must walk a great distance to the nearest water source. When that is complete, Isaya will continue to visit occasionally since he has developed some lovely connections but the ladies should be completely self sufficient and have a sustainable food source.