Home of Grace Care Centre supports a community in rural western Kenya through an orphanage of the same name. We partner with local Kenyans who have a passion to fight poverty, offer shelter to the most vulnerable and educate them in order to restore hope to a community. It’s not just about financial help, although that is vital. It is an extended support network, prayer partnership and encouragement.
HOPE FOR THE FUTURE means:  encouraging grassroots initiatives fostering self-sufficiency education for productive citizenship a safe and healthy environment.

Our mission is to provide a safe and nourishing home that helps our children build self-confidence, pride in their culture and success at school, so that they can achieve their dreams and become self-supporting adults who contribute back to their communities.
HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE  We are currently recruiting enthusiastic, dedicated and talented individuals for volunteer internship positions at Nyota. Gain international work experience and enrich the lives of less fortunate children in Kenya.

The “Gleaners” is a volunteer driven organization, with over 1100 donated hours each week.  Each day, the volunteers are currently trimming 5000 + pounds of vegetables providing the ingredients for 30,000 servings of soup. the soup is donated to partner organization who have the necessary infrastructure for effective distribution, who are committed to sustainability and development, and who combine the gospel message with humanitarian aid.

Joyland was founded in 1974 as a rehabilitation center and school by The Salvation Army in Kisumu.  Joyland is comprised of two schools: The primary school covers grades 1-8, while the secondary school, which opened in 1994, rounds out the       pre-university education. Joyland also offers vocational courses  where students are taught life skills including tailoring, making their own uniforms, cooking and farming programs. If young people pass their primary school exam, they can go on to secondary school and then to university. If not, they are channeled into vocational education to learn trade skills that will support them in the future.

Caretakers Orphans Education Centre is situated in the sprawling slums of Korogocho. It began its operation in 2001 by providing feeding program (through Feed the Children) to orphans and other vulnerable children. This initiative has been very well received by the Korogocho community and the scale of activities widened. The Centre currently provides not only feeding program and health care and counselling but also an informal education for children who have no other possibility to go to school. Volunteers provide them at least the most basic education.
To provide informal education for children in Korogocho slum. To organize basic care for these children, including feeding and medical services. To offer counselling services to orphans and their guardians. To provide alternative means of generating income.