Caretakers School

Caretakers School – – – Korogocho, Kenya – – – providing lunch for approximately 200 students

CARETAKERS SCHOOL Korogocho, Kenya Escorted by a contact from Feed the Children and an armed guard, SOCKS members first visited the corrugated tin classrooms of Caretakers in 2014. They entered a classroom to see a water filled soda bottle shoved into a hole in the ceiling. Sunlight refracted off the water and provided the only light. Thanks to a very generous benefactor, Caretakers is now a 2 story brick building. Over the years, SOCKS has provided Caretakers with books and helped pay teachers’ salaries In 2019, the Kenyan Government stopped the food program run by Feed the Children who provided lunch for students. For most children, this would be their only meal of the day and much of the food was taken home to share. SOCKS is now sending money to continue the lunch program at Caretakers.

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