Back by popular demand, SOCKS is offering a drive-thru service

to pick up a  delicious Erie perch dinner

on May 29th.

$6 from each meal will go to SOCKS.

The needs of the vulnerable are even greater during this crazy Covid time.

Your support will allow us to help our Kenyan friends

to pay for food, shelter  and basic necessities.

As always, thank you so much.

PS  If you or anyone you know is looking to buy soil for gardening, please see the coupon below.

Spring fundraiser and new project in Kenya

SOCKS welcomes the spring season with a fundraising raffle.

Please read the poster below for details.

Also for your consideration, SOCKS is beginning a new project.

We are hoping to provide another group of people with access to

growing their own food.

Information follows the raffle poster.

As always, thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Holiday Raffle



As well as selling our soapstone and wares from our catalogue (see post below)

SOCKS is also running a raffle for the holiday season.

Thanks as always for your support


A Virtual Christmas Market

SOCKS fundraising during the holiday season usually consists of many

visits to Christmas markets.  This year, we have added a catalogue

of Kenyan made wares to our website.

Please read the page below.

Take a few minutes to see the beautiful pieces the

artisans have created.

Our hope is that you might find something you wish to purchase.

In doing so, you would be

helping SOCKS help children and the most vulnerable in Kenya.

Enjoy perusing the one of a kind, hand made art pieces.

As always, Thank you.


12th Annual SOCKS Golf Tournament – Covid edition

Beautiful weather.

Beautiful golf course.

The most beautiful people!

Thank you to all who participated in our 12th Annual Golf Tournament.

The generosity, warmth and resolve of our intrepid golfers is a wonder to behold.

Below are the results of all the ‘prize winners’

Just to clarify – many people were confused about the 50/50 draw.

All golfers who registered had a small blue card filled in with all their details, this was the 50/50 ticket.

  Your fee included the boxed lunch,  30 raffle tickets, one 50/50 ticket, your cart and round of golf.

That means everyone was entered in the 50/50.

See below for the winners for all golfing categories, raffle prizes and the 50/50.

Asante Sana.  See you next year.






Thank you, thank you, Asante Sana

As Covid – 19 continues to play havoc with lives in Canada and

around the world,  the generosity of SOCKS supporters has

enabled countless Kenyans access to food and shelter during these trying times.

Your kindness has literally saved lives.  There are no words to express the depth of our gratitude.



12th Annual Golf Tournament

We have just received word that the

12th Annual SOCKS Golf tournament is a GO!

There are obviously changes due to Covid-19 but

a great day of golf remains unchanged.

Your support to help the even

more vulnerable in Kenya at this time is

so appreciated.


For the first time in SOCKS’ history we did a flat out plea for donations

to try and help the many friends in Kenya who have been suffering so much because of

consequences from the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Our amazing supporters rallied to the call and we at SOCKS are overwhelmed with the

outpouring of generosity and kindness.

On behalf of all the beautiful souls you have helped  –  ASANTE SANA