Christmas gift ideas

Unique, handmade, one of a kind Christmas gifts that also support children and the

vulnerable in Kenya.  What  a perfect combination.

This year, we are offering a ‘Jingle’ with no ‘Mingle’ event at St John United Church.

For details on how to register and attend, please see the poster below.

If you are not able to join us in person, please browse

through the catalogue on our website.

Look  for the title ‘More Info’ and choose SOCKS SHOPPE.

You will find pictures and descriptions of all our

Christmas, Canadian and Kenyan soapstone pieces

as well as some wood and bone inlay.

There are short descriptions of our wonderful artisan partners,

who are also supported through your purchases.

Feel free to contact, Lynn or Pat (contact info on the poster above)

 Debra at or Ann at

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and  year ahead.

Asante Sana.

It’s that time of year again

SOCKS Canada is pleased to announce our

13th Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday September 11, 2021.

We will follow a similar format to last year with

an outside lunch, no tent or dinner and raffle prizes to be picked up

after your round of golf.

Special thanks to Willow Valley for their continued support.



Back by popular demand, SOCKS is offering a drive-thru service

to pick up a  delicious Erie perch dinner

on May 29th.

$6 from each meal will go to SOCKS.

The needs of the vulnerable are even greater during this crazy Covid time.

Your support will allow us to help our Kenyan friends

to pay for food, shelter  and basic necessities.

As always, thank you so much.

PS  If you or anyone you know is looking to buy soil for gardening, please see the coupon below.