An unprecedented plea

SOCKS Canada hopes that all our wonderful supporters and followers are faring well during the

continually changing times that is now our world.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, our friends in Kenya continue to struggle.

Please read the letter below.




                     Although there are many people here at home who are struggling with great difficulties during this crazy time, in Kenya,                                            daily problems become even more dire during a world changing event such as this.

Because of the unwavering support of so many wonderful people here at home, SOCKS CANADA has been able to help above and beyond our usual donations to get food to people  with whom we have formed partnerships and friendships.







Annual Roast Beef Dinner and Edible Auction



It's that time of year again.

Come join us and enjoy a delicious Roast Beef dinner.

Be ready to bid on those even more delicious Edibles.

A wonderful evening to share and all profits go to help children and seniors in Kenya.

Contributions to our Edible Auction would be gratefully accepted.


Thanks for your support

We received a couple of lovely letters from two young Kenyans

who's education is financed by SOCKS Canada on behalf of our supporters.

Brenda is so grateful for the opportunity to continue her education.

Roman, affectionately known as Professor, has just completed his 'coming of age' rite.

Thanks to the kindness of those who contribute to SOCKS Canada we are able to finance the

education of many Kenyan children.

Asante Sana.





It's that time of year again.


SOCKS supports artisans in the village of Tabaka Kenya.  This area holds the richest

quarry of Kenyan soapstone and the entire village is the home of artists who create soapstone

pieces which are sold around the entire country and beyond.

The stone is dug from the local quarry.  Each fragment is designed, carved, washed, painted and

polished by locals.  All works are handmade and one of a kind.

SOCKS is honoured and pleased to have nurtured a partnership with these amazing people.

They have made incredible pieces upon our request.  These works of art are the focus of our bazaar and craft show sales this year.

Christmas pieces are especially featured.  Come on out and consider buying a unique Christmas gift which not only helps support

people in Tabaka but also enables SOCKS to send aid to children  in Kenya.

See below to find where we will be selling our wares.

Asante Sana