Mission in Action

Mission in Action – Nakuru – We arrived at the 70 acre compound to find the children all outside for sport. They all continue to be healthy and happy. Because of the devastating financial difficulties and stresses that we learned on our last visit, Ivan (dad and manager) has had to cut back on the little luxuries. No more cake for every child’s birthday to the heartbreaking task of sending the oldest children who had any family members at all, back to situations which were in many cases, risky.
Ivan, and his crew do everything they can to become more self-sufficient by renting out accommodation ‘huts’ to volunteers and Airbnb, providing safari tours with a gourmet lunch at the onsite restaurant, growing crops, tending a huge garden and much more. He is incredibly active on Facebook fostering positive relationships between the children on site and their international sponsors by sharing daily activities and special news and occasions.
Even with all of these efforts, Ivan must still rely on donations to keep everything going. SOCKS sends funds regularly to help with food, shelter and clothing but so much more is needed to support the almost 100 children with just the bare essentials. Worries even arose over the last year about whether there would be food for the next meal. We left an extra donation which would feed the children for the next 2 months.
As if this isn’t enough, Ivan continues to support vulnerable families in the surrounding community whenever possible. He feels called to serve and help whomever and however he can in this little corner of Kenya. His kids however, are always his highest priority.