Upcoming SOCKS Events

SOCKS will be attending the following events:

November 1, 1014
Tansley United Church Christmas Bazaar, 2111 Walker’s Line, Burlington, Ont. – 9:30-3:00
St. Paul’s United Church Christmas Bazaar, 454 Rebecca St., Oakville, Ont. – 9:00-3:00
Binkley United Church Christmas Bazaar, 1570 Main St. W., Hamilton, Ont. – 9:00-3:00
Knox United Church Fair Trade Fair, 92 Northumberland St., Ayr, Ont. – 10:00-2:00

We will be selling our Kenyan jewellery and soap stone at these events.

November 15, 2014 
Gleaner’s International Marketplace, 1550 Morrison Rd., Cambridge, Ont. – 10:00-3:00
Over 25 mission organizations with unique gift items

December 13, 2014
St. John United Church Edible Fair, 195 E 38th St. Hamilton, Ont.

Kenyan Trip

Dear Friends,

We arrived home safely from Kenya on June 27 with mixed emotions.  We were so happy to see our own families and friends, but were already missing our Kenyan family and friends.

It was one of our best trips ever!!  We were excited knowing that you were helping us “do something” and WE DID.  A few times it was obvious where funds needed to go, but other times we were open to where God would lead us.

A large portion of our donations to “Do Something” was directed towards EDUCATION. We spent a day at Caretakers Children’s Centre in Nairobi.  We were able to purchase school supplies, a large wooden cabinet and textbooks (their first textbooks ever!!) for 300 students at the school.  To see the smiles on their faces as books were unpacked and put on the shelves in their new “library” was pure joy!!  We also contributed funds to each volunteer staff member for their hard work and dedication.

Another large portion was directed to MEDICAL. We spent an emotional day at the Kisumu East District Hospital where we visited patients and shared the news with them that they were going home!!  Patients are not permitted to leave the hospital in Kenya until an attempt is made to pay the bill. Our funds paid for 13 patients – some who had been in hospital for almost a year. Dr. Amos told us that SOCKS made history that day.  Others had visited and brought medicine and supplies but we were the first to ever donate money specifically for the payment of hospital bills.

Donations were made to three homes/schools for mentally and physically challenged children, including the purchase of occupational therapy equipment at Joyland School. No less significant were the donations made on a more personal level to individuals in need and to new community programs.

We hope that in the future you will again be able to assist SOCKS CANADA with our call to “Do Something.”

Asante Sana (Thank you)
Lynn, Paul, Pat & Jen

Asante Sana

photoSafe arrival in Nairobi and spent three days visiting the children in the slums. Now in Nakuru visiting Nyota and enjoying time with the children. Our sponsored children are doing well in school and we are very proud of them. Travelling to Kisumu on Thursday to continue our journey!!


Excitement is building!!

kenya_mapBags are packed and we’re ready to go!  On June 2 members of the SOCKS team will be travelling to Kenya, making stops in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Kisii. While there we will be visiting the children we support.  Looking forward to seeing all our friends.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Home of Grace

HOME OF GRACE – KISII, KENYA – Providing education for students in High School – Forms 1 to 4.

Home of Grace Care Centre supports a community in rural western Kenya through an orphanage of the same name. We partner with local Kenyans who have a passion to fight poverty, offer shelter to the most vulnerable and educate them in order to restore hope to a community. It’s not just about financial help, although that is vital. It is an extended support network, prayer partnership and encouragement.
HOPE FOR THE FUTURE means:  encouraging grassroots initiatives fostering self-sufficiency education for productive citizenship a safe and healthy environment.


Mission in Action

Mission in Action – Nakuru – We arrived at the 70 acre compound to find the children all outside for sport. They all continue to be healthy and happy. Because of the devastating financial difficulties and stresses that we learned on our last visit, Ivan (dad and manager) has had to cut back on the little luxuries. No more cake for every child’s birthday to the heartbreaking task of sending the oldest children who had any family members at all, back to situations which were in many cases, risky.
Ivan, and his crew do everything they can to become more self-sufficient by renting out accommodation ‘huts’ to volunteers and Airbnb, providing safari tours with a gourmet lunch at the onsite restaurant, growing crops, tending a huge garden and much more. He is incredibly active on Facebook fostering positive relationships between the children on site and their international sponsors by sharing daily activities and special news and occasions.
Even with all of these efforts, Ivan must still rely on donations to keep everything going. SOCKS sends funds regularly to help with food, shelter and clothing but so much more is needed to support the almost 100 children with just the bare essentials. Worries even arose over the last year about whether there would be food for the next meal. We left an extra donation which would feed the children for the next 2 months.
As if this isn’t enough, Ivan continues to support vulnerable families in the surrounding community whenever possible. He feels called to serve and help whomever and however he can in this little corner of Kenya. His kids however, are always his highest priority.

Joyland Special School for the Physically Challenged

Joyland Special School – providing feminine hygiene products for all girls allowing them to attend school regularly.

As we arrived, you would think we had given them the world. The girls ran up to us with open arms and there were many hugs. A lovely presentation – in Kenya there is always a song and dance, and a wonderful poem recited, created on the spot and presented by a gifted student Karen, was our gift of thanks.
Every month the girls are provided with 3 panties and sanitary pads. Head teacher told us that over the last year, not one girl has missed a class since they are confident they will be properly protected during their monthly period.
Who knew such excitement could be generated over pads! We were told that the boys are a little jealous. We will have to think of something for them as well!